Bookmaker William Hill suspend UFO bets

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Bookmaker William Hill have temporarily suspended their betting regarding the proof of the existence of intelligent extra terrestrials will be confirmed by the serving Prime Minister following an extraordinary rush of bets, including one William Hill &client looking to place a bet of £3,000.

WilliamHill"This is the first time that an internet phenomenon has affected our business.Blossom Good Childs' prediction that a spaceship will appear on Tuesday has got enthusiasts buzzing. We now have seven figure liabilities if the ship does appear and we have decided to duck any more big bets until the 14th has passed, hopefully without incident." said William Hill's spokesman Rupert Adams.

William Hill's biggest bet on UFO's was placed by Lawrence Tout who staked £1000 at odds of 1000/1 that George Bush or Gordon Brown will officially confirm the appearance of alien UFO's within the next year. If he is correct he will be £1 million richer.

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