Bwin strikes again

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Bwin opts for an offensive strategy during the European Championships 2008. Before, during and after the event Bwin will enter the spotlight with additional actions for all 'b'insiders'. Thus, the 'b'inside competition' has been introduced: All members of 'b'insider' can become a betting champion during the European Championships 2008. Whoever wins the most from his bets by the end of the tournament will win a trip with the team of Real Madrid to an away game!

b'insideDuring the first ten days of the European Championship 2008 there is a daily competition among all customers who place their bets by mobile phone. There is also a mobile gaming action: During Euro 2008 50 euros are raffled daily among everyone who plays via mobile phone. The new FantasySports Game "Euro Football Manager" lets all the teams of the European Championship be seen on the screen and this will guarantee a lot football action and a nice completion to all our betting options. Many new products and bonuses will be on offer for all the members of 'b'inside' during the European Championships.

More information about the actions of Bwin for 'b'inside' members can be found at the Bwin Homepage .

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