Dutch ministry of justice warns Unibet

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Justice has warned football clubs to immediately stop the advertising of foreign gambling companies. According to the Dutch government the football clubs violate the Act on gambling. During the Feyenoord tournament last weekend billboards in the stadium were full of ads for bookmaker and online casino Unibet.

unibetThe Ministry of Justice was unpleasantly surprised by the advertising. "Gambling companies without a gambling license for The Netherlands may not offer their services and may not advertise here. Feyenoord is therefore requested to remove the advertisements." In this way it violates the law according to spokesman Ivo Hommes.

The Rotterdam football club said they had nothing to do with the billboards, because the tournament was organised by another company called IEP. According to IEP, there was a misunderstanding. "We outsourced the advertising to another company to search for advertisers. This company claimed that Unibet was permitted to advertise. We have acted in good faith. Next time it will not happen again as we will comply with the rules" said Jan de Vos on behalf IEP.

The Ministry has sent an angry letter to Unibet. "The company knows that it is in violation with our gaming laws," suggests Hommes. The online gambling company said they are innocent. "In Europe there is free movement of goods and services and football events are perfect for us to profile", said a Unibet spokesperson.

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