Enhanced Features at Betsson Sportsbook

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BetssonBetsson Bookmaker has improved and renewed the sports betting section of its entire website. In the case of sports betting, statistics can play an important role. The ability to make the right choices is greatly enhanced when recent results can be reviewed.

Within the new betting areas, there is now easy access to metrics such as; the latest results and ranking positions. In addition to these new features, a new look and a number of other improvements have been made across the board.

With the weekly offerings of thousands of different competitions and events to choose from, it can often be difficult to find the right matches you seek. To make it easier, Betsson has enhanced several key points:
  • My Favorites
  • Enhanced search function
  • In the lobby you can immediately
  • See the most relevant events and competitions * More Live Events in the lobby

It is also now possible to set up your own "Personal lobby" allowing you to include a total of 20 extra competitions.

Curious? Take a look at the new website of Betsson.

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