Ladbrokes has teamed up with ESSA

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The British bookmaker Ladbrokes is in partnership with the European Sports Security Association (ESSA) inspection agency. What is unique about the cooperation is that both the online and offline activities of Ladbrokes will apply.

The Brussels-based ESSA is committed to a responsible and legal process relating to all activities concerning sports betting. "The European Sports Security Association is dedicated to improving the information exchange between bookmakers and sports," said Mike O'Kane, Trading Director for Ladbrokes.

Via overseers and sports organizations a complete and transparent picture of unusual betting patterns allows them to offer help in protecting the integrity and reputation of both the sport and its participants.

Founded in 2005 by several leading online bookmakers, ESSA has signed agreements with FIFA, UEFA and a number of national football associations. In addition, ESSA also has close relations with the International Olympic Committee, the International Tennis Federation and other global regulators.

ESSA is committed to an early warning system for these regulators with information about unusual betting patterns or other irregularities.

"We welcome Ladbrokes' support and we are sure that this will lead to a significant contribution to the development of industry wide standards in this field. We would like all providers of sports betting, online and offline, to join ESSA," said Khalid Ali, Secretary-General for ESSA.

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