Paddy Power Ridicules Torres and Arshavin

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Paddy Power Torres ArshavinThe bookmakers Paddy Power is not exactly popular with Arsenal and Chelsea. The British clubs are furious because of an ad campaign in which Andrei Arshavin and Fernando Torres are ridiculed. Chelsea is even considering a legal process against the bookmaker.

Through billboards situated near the stadiums of Arsenal and Chelsea, it is suggested that Arshavin might be better spending his time cleaning toilets ("What is 'cleaner' in Russian? ') and Torres is advised to work in a snack bar (Fernando, use a hairnet!').

PaddyPower is suggesting that the two players are expensive bench warmers and urges them to take a second job. On the bookmakers Facebook page, people asked why footballers earn millions on the substitutes' bench. Chelsea are considering taking legal action.

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