SkyBet At Fault with Soccer Odds

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SkyBetThe English bookmaker SkyBet has admitted that a mistake was made with the odds ofered for the UEFA Champions League football match between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.

According to various sources, via mobile, SkyBet offered a ratio of 25 to 1 for PSG to win the match in extra time when the French club was trailing 2-1 in extra time. Although PSG won the game thanks to the away goals rule, SkyBet only paid the bet out on odds of 9 to 2.

Customers who had placed the bet at odds of 25-1, received an e-mail stating that they would be paid out at the lower odds of 9-2 qoute because of an "administrative error". SkyBet said the odds were offered by "mistake" and then referred to the small print in the reasonably generic terms. Richard Flint, Director of SkyBet, said the offer of the high odds was clearly wrong.

"Occasionally errors are made in determining the odds. In this case, an incorrect price was displayed for about three minutes and a small number of customers were closing their bets at that moment," said Flint, in the English newspaper Daily Mail.

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