Anderlecht Wants Substantial Compensation from Mitu

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The process is in full swing around Zheyun Ye. On Monday, it was announced that RSC Anderlecht requires a solid compensation from Marius Mitu, the Romanian midfielder, who is also involved in the betting scandal. After his stint at Lierse he left for RSC Anderlecht but hardly played there, reported the RTBF.

Counsel for Anderlecht, Daniel Spreutels, is claiming a compensation of 25,000 euros. Mitu was playing at the club when it became known that he was possibly involved in the bribery scandal. Anderlecht then decided to immediately stop working with the Romanian.

"Mitu's confessions were always minimal. The only thread that we can find in his statements are,' I do not know'. "He always denied everything and consistently rejected any knowledge of the affair. But that's a lie.Other sources confirm that did indeed receive money," said Spreutel.
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