Banks continue to serve gambling sites

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Banks are provisionally not intending to stop payment for illegal gambling sites according to a spokesman for Currence, a provider of payments including IDeal, on BNR Newsradio on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Dutch Minister of Justice, Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA) threatened to take banks to court if they dragged on with the payments.

"We can not simply exclude certain parties from using our software," said Currence spokesman Bob Goulooze, "because we will be liable fo the same claims." Goulooze said that a court ruling is required that prohibits the practice before Currence can act.

Goulooze points out that the Dutch gambling policy differs from European policy. Foreign websites operate perfectly legally. Dutch Minister Hirsch Ballin announced on Tuesday that this Spring all banks will get a list of Internet companies who are illegally operating in the Dutch market.

Under the law, financial institutions' payments between illegal gambling sites and players should not be facilitated. The minister said that, if necessary, he would refer the case to the courts.

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