Belgian Government will restrict gambling sites

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The new Belgian law on gaming requires a gambling site to have an establishment and a server registered in Belgium. In addition, the gaming commission has compiled a black list of gambling sites without authorization which providers need to block.

The Ministerial Council has drafted the law which Secretary of State, Carl Devlies, approved on Friday. The previous amendment to the law on gambling occurred on May 7, 1999 and did not take into account online gambling. There was, at one time, talk of a common European law, but the European Commission decided last month that power should be handed over to the Member States to produce their own.

As only companies with an establishment in Belgium and a Belgian license will be permitted to operate, Devlies hopes to have better control. He immediately added that such control can not be possible when the server in question is in a foreign state.

Players punished
It is worth taking note that the law means players can also be punished. Previously punishment was restricted to the operators or those who carried out promotional activities and the recruiting of players. Those involved in gambling with anyone without a license will receive an administrative fine. This should ensure that terminated cases of gambling can still be punished.

No credit cards
Under the proposal, the legal age for online gambling will be 21. The means for which online gambling sites can accept payments or deposits is also to be restricted as even gambling sites with a permit will be forbidden from accepting credit card deposits.

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