Bribery Involving First Division Clubs

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Chinese gangs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam have targeted Dutch First Division Football Clubs with bribes. Influential gambling bosses in Asia ordered the action, says a Canadian journalist.

Hill based his accusations on conversations with people from the Asian gambling world. According to Hill, the bribes involve lowly positioned teams in the Dutch First Division. In these past few weeks, the clubs accused of accepting bribes have lost away games by large numbers, a source told him last week from Singapore.

Hill, who has been undertaking research all over the world in the last five years graduated from Oxford University on this subject, says he knows the names of the clubs and the suspicious results, but will only reveal them in his second book which will be released after the World 2010 in South Africa.

KNVB director Henk Kesler is surprised by the allegations, but said that it was impossible to exclude Dutch football teams from involvement in bribery. "No system is foolproof and the underworld always finds loopholes to exploit. It is a recurring theme, because gambling is as old as the hills. But corruption is getting more attention from international football as proved by the investigation by UEFA."

The European Football Union hopes to present the results of the research next month, saying, it is the biggest research on corruption in football. About forty suspect matches from national and international competitions are under examination,mainly involving matches from Eastern Europe. But Karl Dhont, a Belgian who leads the research, says that corruption in the football world also involves West-European teams.

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