Bribery scandal in South Korea

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Besides Europe, Asia too regularly sees bribery scandals in football, but now South Korean football has been rocked by a major bribery scandal involving at least ten players.

According to various Korean media sources, the prosecutor in the Changwon District, has arrested several suspects including some of the at least ten players from the highest division of the South Korean football (K-League) thought to be involved in the bribery scandal. Similarly two bookmakers, including a former footballer, were arrested on suspicion of bribing players from the K-League.

The prosecution of Chungwon could elaborate on the case because the investigation is still ongoing. It is the first time that such a betting scandal has occurred in South Korea, which has caused much commotion in the East Asian country.

A similar scandal was exposed earlier in Germany which had far reaching consequences for the protagonists leading to, amongst other incidents, a bribed referee receiving a five and a half year prison term.

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