Champions League Match Possibly Influenced by Maffia

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In the Bochum court case surrounding the bribery scandal involving the maffia and European football, for the first time the possibility of a Champions League match being affected has come to light. According to the prosecutor in Bochum, the result of the match between Debrecen and Fiorentina on October 20, 2009 was fixed.

The Italians won the match 4-3 away in Hungary. Six goals were scored in the first half alone.

As well as that, the Europa League results between Debrecen and Young Boys Bern and Aalborg and Slavia Sarajevo were also orchestrated in a process involving the bribery of one or more players. In addition, it appears that the 2009 World Cup qualifier between Liechtenstein - Finland (1-1) can also be added to the list of fixed matches.

The public prosecutor in Bochum views the 34-year-old Ante Sapina, who lives in Berlin, as the main suspect in the affair. Together with Marijo C. and former basketball player Ivan P., Ante Sapina paid more than half a million Euros in bribes to referees and soccer players. The Croatian has already been sentenced to prison for the bribery of the German football referee Robert Hoyzer in 2005.

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