Chinese Football Suffering From Match Fixing

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The Chinese TV channel CCTV-5 decided not to broadcast the contest between the Chinese national team and arch-rival Japan. Chinese football is currently suffering from the effects of rife match fixing and corruption.

The race for the East Asian championship took place last Saturday and was scheduled to be broadcast by CCTV 5, but instead of the game, the viewers got to see a European game. On Sunday, the Chinese sports channels didn't even mention the outcome of the contest, which ended in a 0-0 tie. The relevant spokespersons refused to comment.

On Wednesday, China's national team will play South Korea and the following Sunday, Hong Kong. Both games are currently not programmed and it is very doubtful that CCTV 5 will also broadcast the games even though it holds the rights to the games for the East Asian Championships.

Chinese football is currently in a major crisis after the arrest of several senior officials.

The former head of the Chinese Football Association (CFA), Nan Yong, and more than 20 other officials, players and club managers have been arrested in the past three months. All of them are suspected of involvement in a huge match fixing scandal.

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