Croatian Gambling Boss Sapina Also Named in New Scandal

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The Croatian, Ante Sapina, the pivotal figure in the corruption scandal in German football in 2005, is again involved in a betting scandal case. Situated in Berlin, Sapina is currently a witness in the European betting scandal that the public prosecutor in Bochum exposed in 2009.

The 34-year old Croatian was speaking openly in the court of Bochum about attempting to fix a few Norwegian football matches.

Sapina told the investigators that he traveled to Norway on October 30, 2009 to meet the assistant coach and several players from the then first division Sandefjord fotbal. He had previously addmitted to having placed bets on fixed matches and later bribing players since late 2006. He was arrested on November 19, 2009.

In all, 32 matches in various European leagues are said to have been fixed. Nearly 300 matches in fifteen countries are also suspected of being manipulated in some way.

The Croatian Gambling Boss, Ante Sapina, was convicted in November 2005, along with former German referee Robert Hoyzer, for his part in the corruption scandal that swept German football at that time. Hoyzer received money from Sapina for fixing matches in the German second and third divisions. The two key figures have since then been behind bars.

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