Dutch footballclubs apply for sportsbetting license

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The Eredivisie CV, an association of Dutch football clubs which own the football broadcasting rights on TV and radio, has applied for a gambling license from the Dutch government. This was stated in a confidential document that the Eredivisie CV (ECV)sent to interested media.

By giving viewers access to their 'sportsbook', the football clubs are expecting tens of millions of euros extra above their annual income from broadcasting and advertising. The current three-year contract provides the ECV with roughly € 70 million per year. The football broadcasting alone is set to be around € 100 million next year.

Two minutes gambling
The law prohibits the ECV at this moment from offering gambling on football matches. But the professional clubs want to exploit any opportunity once the legislature has given permission for the rules to be relaxed. That is why the clubs are already looking for candidates for the highlights of Dutch Premier League matches who also want to reserve two minutes of their broadcast time for sportsbetting, as stated in the auction contract. The provision in the auction contract is on the condition that the gambling law will be amended in the next three to five years. That is the duration of the broadcasting rights starting from next football season.

In a process to make the rights for broadcasting live football more attractive, from August several changes will take place. Thus matches will be palyed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at different times to to avoid duplication. That should yield more viewers, according to the football clubs. Simiarly, this will make the highlights less attractive. The broadcasting of the Dutch Premier League highlights will start Sunday evening at 8.00 PM and will probably be shorter than in previous years. The next auction is different from previous ones. Live Football will be on a pay-per-view basis from next season if the auction bids are too low.

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