Dutch Lotto Campaign contrary with gambling policy

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The Lotto ad campaign that started last week, contradicts with the gambling policy of the Dutch government. The campaign, in which the lottery expresses its importance for sport in the Netherlands, began on the day that the Dutch court would make a ruling in yet another case of the Lotto against the Swedish bookmaker, Unibet. The court postponed the ruling until March 18.

lottoThe Lotto is extremely anxious to win back players from competitors such as the State Lottery and the Postcode Lottery. Seventy percent of all revenue, 42 million euros per year, goes to the two overseeing bodies of sport federations, NOC and NSF, and is divided amongst several federations.

MP for the SP, Jan de Wit is unhappy with the campaign, which is contrary to the restrictive Dutch gambling policy. "This is exactly the argument that the government uses to block foreign companies from accessing the Dutch gambling market". The European Commission wants a free European gambling market, but the Dutch government is opposed to this.

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