ESSA publishes 2012 match-fixing figures

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The European Sports Security Association (ESSA) monitoring group has released a report into incidents of match-fixing during 2012 and showing that it flagged 109 irregular bets with only six subsequently referred to the relevant authorities.

The ESSA is a Brussels-based industry body committed to legal and responsible sportsbetting and works to keep wagering free from insider betting, rigging and manipulation. The body monitored activities in 27 European Union nations along with Iceland, Norway and Switzerland in 2012 and stated that there is a ‘growing weight of evidence notably published by law enforcement bodies that it is primarily unregulated markets outside of Europe that are being targeted by criminals’.

The ESSA declared that the 2012 figures were identified by its members ‘employing sophisticated monitoring tools’ and contained two less referred cases than for the previous twelve-month period.

The ESSA also said that corrupters will continue to pray on the vulnerabilities of players until key sports governance issues including the lack of salary payments are suitably addressed.

Visit the ESSA website for full details.
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