European Match Fixing Larger than Thought

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The Belgian newspaper, Het Nieuwsblad, has reported that the scale of match fixing in Europe, where soccer players and referees have been allegedly bribed, is much larger than first thought.

The match fixing came to light last year, after German researchers rushed to investigate matches suspected of being corrupted. Last Wednesday, they stated that there are currently more than 270 suspected matches on the so-called "black list".

In total 250 people are currently suspected of having made or continue to engage in illegal activities resulting in matches being rigged. The gambling maffia was able to obtain much profit from the games.

Turkey's soccer leagues are the standard bearer when it comes to suspected rigged matches, namely 74. Germany is also highly rated with up to 53 matches thought to have been rigged and Switzerland has 35 games on the black list.

In all, the illegal betting has yielded 7.5 million euros. Of this, 1.5 million euros has been reportedly put aside for the re-bribing of referees and players, according to sources in the Belgian newspaper.

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