First Confession in Process Surrounding German Betting Scandal

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Last Thursday, a 35-year-old man admitted manipulating the outcome of several second division German league matches by bribing at least three players. He made the confession during the trial in Bochum regarding a major bribery scandal in German football.

Nurrentin G. is one of four men accused of having spent 370,000 euros bribing players and referees across Europe. He admitted having had contact with three players in the German second division club Osnabruck.


"We told them exactly what to do. If it didn't turn out as planned, they had to pay a penalty or risked exclusion," said Mr G.The name of Ante S, who masterminded the bribery affair of the German referee Robert Hoyzer, was mentioned regularly. He will be in court in December for the continuation of the process.

Nurretin G. faces a sentence of up to eight years similar to that of his main accomplice. According to the German court, the men made a total gain of 1.6 million euros after betting 2 million euros on European sporting events in which they already knew the outcome.

The bribery affair made the entire foundations of European football shake by the sheer scale of the amounts of millions of Euros involved.

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