Footballers recieved €826,500 to help fix matches

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La Derniere Heure (French general newspaper in Belgium) has reported that a total of 826,000 euros was paid to players to not fully perform in nineteen fixed football matches, eighteen of which were Belgium first division games.

The newspaper stated that Laurent Fassotte was the biggest earner in the bribery scandal receiving a total of 140,500 euros, closely followed by Laurent Delorge and Yves Van der Straeten, each receiving 120,500 euros. The trio played for Lierse in the 2004-2005 season and were key figures in the betting scandal exposed by the Chinese Zheyun Ye.

A further examination by the prosecution team could still prove that the players were even more punitive than at first thought. "In November 2004 a player like Delorge could be bribed for 5000 euros. In December that figure had increassed to 12,000 euros. From April 2005 the amount shot up to 100,000 (double the offer to Teklak) and as much as 200,000 euros (offered to Laurent Wuilliot from Brussels-Lierse) on April 30, 2005", reported the newspaper, adding that both players refused those amounts.

Filippo Gaon, president of La Louviere, embezzeled 1.117 million euros from the club in five companies in 2004 and 2005. It is believed that he may also have embezzled player transfer money.

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