Grandpa Wins £125,000 Thanks to Grandson's World Cup Debut

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This bet was won a few months ago but only now did we get to hear about it. Bookmaker William Hill reported last year that a proud grandfather won £125,000 thanks to the World Cup debut of his 16 -year-old grandson in the qualifying match between Wales and Belgium.

Harry WilsonLiverpool Player Harry Wilson came on after 87 minutes as a substitute and became the youngest ever player to make his debut for the national team of Wales. His grandfather , Peter Edwards, collected a small fortune thanks to a bet he had placed 15 years earlier.

62 year old Mr Edwards, placed his bet at the local William Hill bookies in Wrexham. He bet £50 on his grandson, who was 18 months old at the time, becoming an international player for Wales at odds of 2500 to 1.

"It's amazing , but he would crawl behind a ball in the living room before he could walk. All he ever wanted was to play football," said the proud grandfather.

Harry , who has never played in the Liverpool first team, beat the previous record held for the youngest Wales international debut appearance of superstar Gareth Bale by 108 days .

William Hill spokesman Graham Sharpe said : "I wish Roy Hodgson ( England coach ) had acted earlier and asked him to commit to England then this bet would have been a losing one."
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