Infamous Matchfixer Arrested

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Officials in Finland have confirmed that Wilson Raj Perumal, one of the world's most notorious matchfixers was arrested in Finland last week. Perumal is seen as the mastermind behind many fixed matches in South America, Australia, Eastern Europe, Africa and Asia.

Wilson Raj PerumalPerumal has previously been arrested on suspicion of match fixing in both 1995 and 2011, and due to bribing almost a complete team, Perumal was sentenced to two years in prison.

After his arrest, Perumal decided to come clean and extensively explain his work as a matchfixer. In exchange for this information and after serving one year in prison, he was allowed to go to Hungary where he could continue living under police protection on condition that he provided the justice department with information about a match fixing case in that country.

However, in an interview with BNR, match fixing investigator Chris Eaton, who is regarded as an authority in this field, claimed that Perumal managed to pull the wool over the eyes of the authorities as he just carried on where he had left off. "It is very good that Perumal was arrested in Finland a few years ago, but the terrible thing is that we now hear from Australia that he may have been involved in match fixing while in Hungary under police protection," claimed Eaton in the interview with Dutch news radio BNR.

Last Wednesday, Perumal was arrested at Helsinki airport where he was again found to be in possession of a forged passport. His extradition to Singapore still hangs over his head, where he can expect to complete an outstanding prison sentence of five years. According to the Justice Department in Finland, it will be clear within a few days if Perumal will be extradited to his homeland.
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