Italian Championship Finalists - possible three year exclusion

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Juventus players Simone Pepe, Leonardo Bonucci and Juventus coach Antonio Conte must face the Italian Football Association to answer their possible involvement in match fixing.

The two Juventus players and their coach are expected in court in Rome on 2nd August.

Juventus coach Antonio Conte Conte will have to give a written and oral explanation about his time as coach of Siena. La Gazzetta dello Sport reports that the former player of Juventus is at risk of a long-term suspension. Last season, he was still with the championship winning side Juventus.

Leonardo Bonucci is awaiting the possiblity of a severe punishment as the Italian international is suspected of deliberately influencing results. The European Championship finalist could be banned for three years.

Pepe, as part of Udinese's team, may have seen irregularities taking place, but did not intervene. On August 10, the Italian Football Association will give its verdict regarding the trio.

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