Match Fixing Case in Bochum Begins

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Today in Bochum, Germany, legal proceedings against Dutchman Paul R. who is suspected of match fixing have commenced. He is the last suspect in the case brought by the public prosecutor in Bochum, which has already included the prosecution of some of the head honchos in the gambling mafia.

The findings of the German law enforcement agencies are seen as the main source of global research by Interpol into match fixing.

The question is whether Paul R. will make a partial confession today in the courtroom, which he did during earlier police questioning, which is important for a possible conviction. It is also eagerly awaited whether he mentions the names of other people involved in match fixing in Germany or the Netherlands.

In an article in last Saturday's 'the Volkskrant', the name of the Dutch referee Gözübüyük arose. According to 'the Volkskrant' Paul R. had mentioned Gözübüyük in earlier police interviews. The referee may have manipulated the outcome of matches played in the Netherlands.

Gözübüyük denies any wrong doing and the KNVB (Netherlands Football Association) says that it does not doubt the integrity of the referee. However, the association announced today that the referee would be taking a break to handle all the publicity surrounding the affair.

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