Mob Member Accuses Italian Footballers

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A fugitive member of the mafia, Hristiyan Ilievski from Macedonia, is reported by the Italian newspaper La Repubblica to have said that the players themselves fixed their matches in the new Italian match-fixing scandal, "Calcioscomesse".

The Italian match-fixing scandal erupted late last season when Cristiano Doni, an Atalanta Bergamo player, was suspended for three years after he admitted his part in the matter. Atalanta Bergamo was also deducted six points. Former Italian international, Beppe Signori, is already in prison for his involvement in the betting scandal and remains one of the main suspects.

"We bought information and then put on the agreed amounts in bets, that's all," explained Ilievski. "The players called me, said how much I had to bet, and I trusted them. If we didn't buy the information then the Sicilian or Albanian Mafia were ready to do so."

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