New Match Fixing Scandal Now Keeping Italians Busy

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The new match fixing scandal in European football has now reached Italy. The Italian police have arrested nine people on Monday suspected of having a share in the affair, among them, the president of football club SC Potenza, Giuseppe Postiglione.

The president is suspected of being related to a criminal organization. Postiglione and his associates are suspected of having fixed the outcome in seven matches in the top amateur division and even a game in the Italian second division in the 2007/08 season. Potenza is currently playing in the Italian Serie C, the third division in Italy.

On Friday, the German authorities announced that over 200 people and competitions in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland and Turkey were under suspicion of being influenced by those involved in betting on the matches. So now the ball starts rolling in Italy too. UEFA is talking about the biggest ever match fixing cases and is committed to seeking those responsible and involved in the match fixing and bringing them to justice.

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