Paul R. Acquitted in Match Fixing Trial

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Dutchman Paul R. and two co-defendants were acquitted yesterday by a court in Bochum of match fixing charges.

The court considered that the application of German criminal law is not possible in the case against Paul R. as all the meetings and money transfers involved had have taken place in the Netherlands and therefore abroad.

"Red Paul" had announced last week that he was guilty of match fixing. He admitted that he had bribed players from the German club St. Pauli and then gambled on the results of matches through a bookmaker in Asia.

In addition, two co-defendants, including former St. Pauli footballer René Schnitzler, went unpunished. The court acquitted them because there was not enough evidence to prove the acceptance of 60,000 Euros in bribes. However, Schnitzler was fined 900 Euros for tax evasion.

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