Police raid Stanleybet betting shop

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In Greece, the police have made a series of raids on betting offices from the British bookmaker Stanleybet. There have been some arrests but if any of those arrested will be prosecuted is unclear.

The raid at the Stanleybet betting office came as a total surprise. The police decided to raid after a series of indictments by OPAP, a Greek regional betting body that claims to have the monopoly on football betting. The fact that despite the arrests being made, there has been no hearing on any of the indictments suggesting that prosecution will not be made.

stanleybetStanleybet is a provider of online sports betting and has many physical betting offices throughout Europe. In many Eastern European countries Stanleybet is the market leader.

Against EU legislation
The European Union stands for a free movement of goods and services. This should be accepted by all foreign governments without any exception. Greece has violated this EU law of free movement of goods and services on several occasions in the past. Like Greece the Netherlands is also still following their own gambling policy despite several warnings from the European Commission this year. The question is how long these countries will able to continue with their own gambling policy.

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