Primera Division not Free from Match Fixing

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The Vice-Chair of the highest Spanish football league, Javier Tebas, recently announced in the Spanish media that the Primera Division is probably not free from bribery or corruption.

In recent years, it has become increasingly common to hear about more and more investigations into match fixing.

"Match fixing exists," says Tebas. "But you have to have proof to punish a club. UEFA has said that 0.7 percent of all games are fixed. In our league the same could happen as in Italy."

Some say last seasons match between Real Zaragoza and Racing Santander, which involved a relegation battle to the Segunda Division, was extremely suspicious. Relegated Racing Santander's Chairman Alvaro Cervera and his colleague Quique Pina of Granada are convinced that things happened in Zaragoza that could not pass muster. Tebas is also in no doubt that during this contest more was going on.

"We are now working to dismantle it, because we know that it happened. Even if it only concerns one match, we can already speak of a scandal." said Vice-President Tebas.

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