Process Surrounding Turkish Bribery Scandal Begins

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The process against corruption in the national football league started in Turkey on Tuesday. Nearly one hundred stakeholders fear sanctions. In total, 92 witnesses will be called to testify, including Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yildirim.

The case focuses on nineteen matches in the Turkish Super League, which, according to the prosecutors are "infected". Before the process began hundreds of Fenerbahce fans protested in public.

They fear that the good name of their club will be dragged through the mud. "The government might fall, inflation could possibly shrink, but Fenerbahçe must not be degraded," said a spokesman for the fans. "If our name is vilified, we will do everything to polish the crest of Fenerbahçe."

The Istanbul club won the league title last season, but was ousted from the Champions League by the Turkish F.A. The championship game of Fenerbahçe against Sivasspor (4-3) is thought to have involved bribery. Another top club in Turkey, Besiktas, were ordered to return the National Cup they had earlier won.

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