"Ringing Chinese" in the stand at Almere City

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Chinese on their phones in the stands during the Jupiler League match between Almere City - FC Oss has started a lot of commotion. The outcome of the match, 2-3, led many to believe that the game had been "bought".

The situation escalated when the home team quickly received three red cards. When the linesman then also wrongly flagged several times for offside, it was the last straw for the fans of the home team and they turned en mass against the 'ringing Chinese'.

A Chinese man who kept on making two phone calls simultaneously, spoke no Dutch, and was accompanied by Almere City stewards out of the stadium. After his personal details were taken he was allowed to leave.

Voetbal International, a Dutch magazine, reported that the KNVB was surprised that not one phone call has been received from Almere about the incident with the 'ringing Chinese'. According to FC Oss director Mischa Rook the whole story is "a storm in a teacup" and nothing to worry about.

The term 'Ringing Chinese' is used for Chinese people who sit in the stands at matches and relay the score, number of cards, corners and other information by telephone to the Asian gambling syndicates which is then used to establish quotes for live betting as up-to-date as possible.

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