Real Madrid will play without a shirt sponsor against FC Zurich

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Real Madrid will play their Wednesday evening Champions League game against FC Zurich in Switzerland without the logo of bookmaker Bwin on their shirts. The online gaming site is normally seen on the footballers’ chests but the strict Swiss rules regarding the advertising of gambling sites has forbidden the wearing of Bwin’s logo on their shirts.
''The Swiss authorities will only allow the sponsoring of state owned gaming companies'', according to a statement on the Real Madrid website.

Last season in the Champions League, the local government of the German city of Bremen fined AC Milan because the club’s players were wearing shirts with the Bwin sponsor on them. The Italian club refused to pay the fine, claiming that the fine was contrary to European Union laws.
Switzerland is seen by Real Madrid as not being a country tied to European Union laws. After a discussion with sponsors Bwin the Spaniards have decided to do away with the sponsor’s logo for Wednesday night’s Champions League encounter.

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