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The Dutch Lotto wants to offer wagers on more sports to cope with the illegal competition. The gaming company wants to ask the Ministry of Justice for a broader licence, reported managing director Hans Schrader Friday. Gamblers might also wish to wager on events such as hockey or golf. Who wins the Olympic Games in the 100 meter sprint or who breaks the first world record? Which golfer has the first hole-in-one in the U.S. Open? And which player receives the most yellow cards in the European Soccer Championship? Such punters are still betting on Internet sites designated by the government as illegal.

lottoWhen it comes to The Lotto there will be a quick alternative to the legal arsenal of sports betting. Director Tjeerd Veenstra wants a more flexible licence to compete with sites such as Unibet and Bwin which includes more football betting and more attention for other sports.

Only the maximum bet of 22 euro remains the same. "The total supply of lotteries in our country is sufficient. Only the sports betting is lagging behind. There is a profusion of illegally sports betting. We have to offer a reasonable and reliable alternative," commented the Lotto-director, who is also responsible for all "Toto" games.

According to Sytze Kingma (professor in the field of gambling laws) at the Vrije University in Amsterdam, the Lotto plays a familiar game. "You need to legalize or otherwise better organize. That is a political choice. What the Lotto is doing right now is nothing more than an alibi for expanding their betting opportunities," said Kingma. The legal supply is currently simply less than the market demands. That has always been the issue here."

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