Revision on authorization lotteries

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Minister Hirsch Ballin (Justice) wants to open up the Dutch gaming market. The result will be that the existing lottery companies like the National Postcode Lottery can no longer take their permit for granted. This week Hirsch Ballin made the announcement that the gaming licenses of these companies will not be automatically renewed.

HirschballinMinister Hirsch Ballin has had his hand will partly forced by European legislation. There needs to be more openess regarding authorization to qualify for lotteries and sports contests. The Ministry of Justice is still investigating what selection criteria can be used.

The result is that new legislation regarding gaming will be delayed. In anticipation of the new gaming legislation, the minister will launch a new government authority for better monitoring of the gaming industry. The new government authority will gain criminal and administrative powers.

Hirsch Ballin is also still working on a solution for internet gaming. Online bookmaker Unibet welcomes the investigation into the opening of the Dutch gaming market. Minister Hirsch Ballin has drafted a resolution of the gaming policy amendment to the Second Chamber. "We are not there yet. There are still the necessary, 'i's to dot and 't's to cross, but this certainly offers perspective. You could even speak of a small breakthrough," reported Anne-Jaap Snijders, Head of Media Affairs Unibet.

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