Shocking Discoveries in Serie A Betting Scandal

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According to the Italian police chief Antonio Manganelli there are still many cases to be revealed in the Italian betting scandal.

Manganelli made his remarks during a joint press conference with Ronald K. Noble of Interpol.

"There are certain things that come up which will produce other revelations. There will probably be shocking things which come to light," said the police chief, who is leading the investigation into corruption in Italian football.

"Bets weren't only placed on the outcome, but also on which player would get the ball out of the back of the net, who would get a corner or the first to head the ball. There are plenty of other examples," said Manganelli.

So far more than fifty people have been arrested in connection with the betting scandal, including Juventus coach Antonio Conte who received a suspension of ten months, which was recently reduced by six months.

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