Third BetOnSports figure sentenced

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Some 13 months after Gary Kaplan was sentenced to over three years in an American prison for his part in the failed BetOnSports online wagering firm, a third man involved in the case has heard his fate.

Norman Steinberg pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy during a 90-minute hearing in Eastern Missouri District Court late last week and was surprisingly sentenced to probation and fined $10,000.

Steinberg was considered the number three man at BetOnSports and was charged in July of 2007 alongside Kaplan and the firm’s former Chief Executive Officer, David Carruthers.

For his part in the Costa Rica-based web-based sportsbetting business, Carruthers was sentenced to 33 months in prison while Steinberg’s lenient sentence appears to be connected with a mysterious sealed civil lawsuit he filed in Federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania after being indicted in Missouri that has subsequently been dropped.

The judgements on Kaplan, Carruthers and Steinberg mean that there is now only one remaining indicted target for the St Louis prosecutors, Gregory James Haggard, who is considered a fugitive.

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