Tipp3 Sponsors Austrian Bundesliga

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The Austrian bookmakers Tipp3 has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Austrian Football Association extending the company's sponsorship of the Bundesliga for another three years.

Tipp3 is owned by Casinos Austria and the Austrian Lotteries and is one of Europe's largest bookmakers, with almost 4,000 outlets, in addition to the company's website Tipp3.at.

The sponsorship agreement means that the Austrian Bundesliga will be known as 'The Tipp3 Bundesliga Powered By T-Mobile' until the end of the 2013/14 season. The deal includes a wide range of advertising opportunities within the various clubs in the league.

"The cooperation between the Bundesliga and Tipp3 will be very rewarding," said Hans Rinner, president of the Austrian Bundesliga.

President of Tipp3, Philip Newald added, "This deal is positive proof that we will all benefit from the agreement. We are extremely proud that our talks with the Bundesliga succeeded regarding this sponsorship agreement". "Our commitment to Austrian football will continue with renewed commitment and quality as a result of this deal".

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