UIGEA: Pressure on the US is growing

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American legislators and the EU are increasing pressure on the US government to overrule the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act UIGEA. Is there an end to the ban on online gambling in sight? According to the press agency Reuters, European commissioner of trade, Peter Mandelson spoke to the European Parliament on Tuesday. He pointed out that it would be very difficult to cover the damages with compensation payments. He further noted that the discrimination and exclusion of foreign firms on the US-market were close to an end. Mandelson met with Barney Frank in Washington a few weeks ago and was confident that Mr. Franks' efforts to abolish the UIGEA would be successful.

capitolMore and more voices are speaking out against the law. Two members of the House of Representatives and other legislators criticized the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in an open letter.

Trade partners of the US are now demanding compensation payments for lost revenue through gambling before the WTO. Their claims are up to 100 billion US dollars. Chairman of the financial committee Barney Frank and Chairman of the judicial committee John Conyers point out to critics, that the demanded compensation payments, resulting from keeping the UIGEA in place, will cause tremendous damages to the American economy. They even go a step further: If the UIGEA was kept in place, they question US credibility among its trade partners.

Annie Duke also spoke in front of the US House of Representatives about the issue of online gambling. Other famous Poker players also campaigned for the abolition, or at least a change, of the UIGEA, and therefore increased pressure on the US government. The deadline for public comments about the UIGEA is approaching. It will hence cause an even bigger interest within the government and among the public.

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