Unibet offers odds on problems at Antwerp FC

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The bookmaker Unibet has launched a number of betting opportunities, where players can bet money on the future of Antwerp FC. In late September, a court hearing was held to discuss the future of Antwerp FC. In theory, the Belgian club can be dissolved, although there is a strong chance of Antwerp FC receiving additional money soon in order to get over the worst possible scenario. Nevertheless, problems still exist at the club and the bookmaker Unibet has seized the chance.

Players can bet on different possibilities and the chance to receive some nice returns. Recent listed prices seem to suggest that Unibet believes that Antwerp FC will survive this season. Whoever thinks that the football club from Antwerp can also reach the promotion play-off final, will receive 2.3 times their original wager.

If Antwerp FC wins the championship, punters will receive more than 7 times the original bet. For those who think that the bad season for Antwerp FC will continue, the odds are significantly higher. Odds of 50 to 1 are available for the team to reach the final of the relegation play-offs and 100 to 1 for direct relegation. The probability that both Antwerp FC and GBA will merge before the end of this season is a 1 in 66 chance according to Unibet's prices.

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