What is a 'Chinese-ringer'?

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'Chinese-ringers' are generally Asian students who are paid around 70 euros for the transmission of match statistics to Asian bookmakers. The phoning through of statistics is not illegal and therefore difficult to address.

'Chinese-ringers' are now known to pass on information to Asian bookmakers for the entire match. As the Belgium Jupiler League matches are not usually broadcast live in Asia, the Asian bookmakers need other ways to obtain information about accurate game statistics so that they can offer up-to-date quotes, also known as live quotes.


Mafia style Asian gambling syndicates try to manipulate the lower echelons of the European leagues by appraoching players and then putting on large amounts in bets with these Asian bookmakers. People are able to bet on pretty much anything including the number of yellow cards given in a match or the number of corner kicks taken.

It is clear that such bets are easier to manipulate when dealing with clubs in financial distress than those in the final of the Champions League.

The 'Chinese-ringers' are not doing anything criminal and the Asian bookmakers are only seeking to answer the demand of the Asian market with the right odds. The question now is how the Asian gambling syndicates can be tackled and how it can be proved that players have been bribed.

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