Yang receives ten month prison sentence after unsuccessful bribe attempt

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Yu Yang has been sentenced to prison for ten months. The former Chinese mainland defender who played in Hong Kong confirmed last month that he had made an attempt to 'buy' a game and is now in prison for his actions. Yang will not be released until March at the earliest.

The 27-year-old Yang, who until last season played for Happy Valley, confessed that he had a approached a Fourway Rangers player to help influence the outcome of a match.

Jean Jacques Kilama was offered a decent amount of money for preventing a Rangers victory against Happy Valley, but he refused the proposal and instead contacted Hong Kong's ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption) .

Rangers eventually won the game 2-0, so the attempt by Yang failed. The former pro knew that he was in trouble and was arrested last month. Until now he has been held and it was announced Friday that Yang would continue to be detained. In addition to Yang, there are a number of players who are under suspicion of similar actions.

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